Monday, September 27th, 2010

Eric Panzer for Berkeley City Council
District 4, 2010 FPPC# 1329440

I joined the race for the Berkeley City Council seat representing District 4 because I wanted to do what was right for our district, for Berkeley, and for our shared environment. The incumbent has failed to meet the needs of neighbors, provide for the future of our city, or face with confidence and conviction the most pressing concerns of our time. I would have been responsive to the everyday needs of District 4 residents and I would have been a principled, effective leader on the issues and aspirations of our city. Berkeley needs council members with the collegiality and focus to address the problems we have here and now.

I made this first-time electoral effort because I wanted to be a practical, progressive voice on the council. As a candidate and council member, I wanted to:

  • Be responsive to the day to day concerns
    and problems of District 4 constituents

  • Encourage economic and housing development
    to provide jobs, homes, and revenue for the city

  • Help Berkeley meet its environmental goals
    and improve public transit

  • Preserve Berkeley's neighborhoods and historic
    resources, and enhance the quality of public spaces

With your help, I had hoped to bring my vision, passion, pragmatism, and spirit of cooperation to the Berkeley City Council. Most importantly, I intended to have your input guide me to represent the true progressive values of our community. I wished to work to create coalitions to find common-sense solutions for Berkeley. I support open and honest government, and would have made myself accessible, accountable and responsive to my constituents. I would have been a champion rather than an obstacle for positive change.

I have decided to withdraw from active campaigning for the District 4 seat. Jim Novosel has broad community support; Jim will be an attentive council member and a voice for progress. I heartily endorse Jim Novosel to be our district representative. Jim and I agree as to how to move Berkeley forward; preserving our neighborhoods, protecting our historic resources, and creating a vibrant, green, and inviting downtown we can all enjoy and be proud of. It's time to act. Let's have Berkeley live up to its potential. I support Jim Novosel as our District 4 representative.

Yours faithfully,
Eric Panzer

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September 27th, 2010