This page is from my 2010 campaign and has been retired.

Eric Panzer for Berkeley City Council

Photo of Eric Panzer, taken by Charlie Nguyen

      Photo courtesy of Charlie Nguyen

My Candidacy

I am running because I want to be a practical, progressive voice on the council. I will champion positive change and work to:

  • Encourage economic and housing development
    to provide jobs, homes, and revenue for the city
  • Help Berkeley meet its environmental goals
    and improve public transit
  • Preserve Berkeleyís neighborhoods and
    enhance the quality of public spaces

With your help, I will bring vision, passion, pragmatism, and a spirit of cooperation to the Berkeley City Council.


I was born and raised in the liberal oasis of Austin, where I became a self-taught progressive democrat. Learning from the late, great Ann Richards and Molly Ivins, I quickly became a rabble-rousing Texas liberal. In the run up to the Iraq war I was a noisy and frequent protester, as well as a co-facilitator in my high schoolís Student Coalition for Peace. I remain delighted and honored to have drawn the ire of my highly-conservative neighborhood association for chalking my own driveway with political messages.

A photo of Eric Panzer at an anti-war protest

After graduating from the public Liberal Arts and Science Academy of Austin, I came to California to study environmental science and city planning at UC Berkeley. While at Cal, I was an active member of Cal Dems, and served as the organizationís publicity director and as the graphics editor of the Smart Ass. More recently, I volunteered for the No On 8 and Obama campaigns.

Since graduating in 2007, I have worked as a GIS analyst at a Berkeley-based environmental consulting firm. I have been living in Downtown Berkeley for five years now and I am no stranger to speaking out on local issues. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to make a positive difference for Berkeley and I would feel very privileged to represent you on the Berkeley City Council.

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Sather Tower at night

Candidate statement:

Berkeley needs to embrace positive change. District 4 needs new leadership. Letís work together to improve housing, jobs, transit, and traffic and parking management. Collaboratively, we can create a safe, welcoming, and vibrant downtown and ensure that neighborhoods are protected from development. These things are not only good for residents and local businesses, they are green choices.

I am a UC graduate in environmental science and city planning and I have lived in Downtown Berkeley for the past five years. Working at an environmental firm, I enjoy being able to walk everywhere and I love living downtown, but its promise is nonetheless much greater. I want to give more people the opportunity to share in this and build a more sustainable and vital Berkeley.

My principles, my pragmatism, my knowledge, and most importantly, your input, will guide me to represent the true progressive values of our community. I will work to create coalitions to find common-sense solutions for Berkeley. I support open and honest government and will be accessible, accountable and responsive to my constituents. I will champion rather than curb positive change. Itís time to act. Letís have Berkeley live up to its potential.

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A message from the Panzers' driveway:

Image of Eric Panzer's driveway with a political message written on it

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August 22nd, 2010